Our mission,

our vision and our values


At IML Labels, we devote our skills and expertise in manufacturing in mould labelling. With our knowledge, we offer our customer a high quality product and with the state of the art technology.


IML Labels ‘ goal is to be the best of our industry. We offer a «ONE STOP SHOP» service to be adaptable. Whether it is for a single label, a marketing presentation or several millions of labels. Our focus is quality, environmental concern and to have a safe packaging.


We at IML Labels Inc work the principle of :

  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Team Spirit
  • Respect for the environment

With regards to these values, we commit to:

  • Respond to our clients’ requirements with a courteous, fast and personalized service.
  •  Keep on the lookout for every new technological improvement regarding color management, printing and flexible containers cutting.  We strive for the continuing improvement of our procedures while assisting our clients with the development of new IML concepts.
  •  Create a relationship based on trust and honesty with our clients.
  • Respect rules and regulations pertaining to environment legislations, employees’ health and welfare, food safety and security.
  • Strongly support team work and cooperation within a dynamic, integrating and formative working environment.