The only printer in North America that specializes exclusively in IML (In-mould labeling).


IML Labels is a large label printing company that specializes in in-mould labeling. In 2006, we decided to invest into this market of injection moulded labels due to increasing demand in North America, in order to better serve a multitude of clients that were buying their goods in Europe.

Since then, IML Labels has attained a level of excellence that has been increasing in leaps and bounds. The company has over fifty employees, dedicated to building close working relationships with their customers, based on trust and openness. Due to the outstanding quality of our products and our expertise in understanding your specific needs and requirements, we can offer our customers a fully integrated service with state-of the art technology, making your planning efficient and carefree!

We pride ourselves in being a ”one stop shop” model, whether it will be to print as little as one label, or millions at once. That way there’s something in it for everyone!


  • Premium products.
  • Entirely recyclable process.
  • Molded onto your containers, regardless of the shape.
  • Protected by the cold.
  • Protected by the moisture.
  • Protected by the scratches.


Our local presence and determination in being the best in the IML industry is what sets us apart from our competitors. Due to increasing demand in the past few years we have decided to invest in a brand new facility based in Chicago. Not only will this investment allow us to reach out to new clients, but will also enable us to track the growth of the market and also implement an effective contingency plan for our most loyal customers.