and the IML process

“In-mold labeling”, or IML, is a process that allows you to fuse your labels printed on polypropylene film (white, opaque, transparent, matte, glossy, etc.), and molded onto your containers or parts, regardless of their shape.

As a result, your brand image can be printed on various containers or parts, and is protected by elements such as the cold, moisture, as well as scratches.

The IML process treads lightly on the ecosystem and meets the highest environmental standards. Its components, including its inks and varnishes, are fully recyclable, and regular monitoring ensures that standards are met. IML devotes a significant proportion of its production to the food sector requiring a minimum of residual odor and a zero ink migration policy.

IML has been used for over 25 years in Europe, and is now becoming increasingly popular in North America. IML Labels make every effort to adequately meet the needs of North American clients (molders) with premium products.


Fully integrated preparation and verification services of your files. A preflight of your file, spot repair, color adjustment, imposition, varnish preparation and high-resolution proofs, including the archiving of all your work.


  • 4 six-color presses with coating capacity
  • Inks and lacquers for the food industry
  • Printing on polypropylene film


Die-cutting per sheet or package while respecting the size of labels with unparalleled accuracy.


Shipping marked, sorted, and protected packages, guaranteeing the integrity of your product upon reception.

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